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HypnoBirthing® Courses 2019 in Milan


HypnoBirthing® is NO woohoo kumbaja trip.
It’s a positive way to approach labor and set yourself up for comfortable and focussed birthing. Amongst deep breathing that helps you to keep pain to a minimum during childbirth and offer a more peaceful birthing experience, HypnoBirthing offers other techniques that can help you to achieve your empowered birth experience.
Without the fear and anxiety that is so very often associated with giving birth.



Benefits of using HypnoBirthing®

* Helps you relax and trust the labor and birth process through information and education;
* Explains you every stage of labor and how to support your body;
* Gives you AMAZING tools to go through labor in a comfortable and relaxed way;
* Visualization techniques that help you open en relax during labor;
* Your partner will be as educated as you and therefore be the BEST birth companion possible;
* Practical tools as in breathing techniques for all different stages of labor;
* Learning how to work with your body and eliminate fear and pain;
* An amazing simple but super effective light massage to use during labor to ease back discomfort;
* Breastfeeding tips and tricks;
* and much much more;



Click here to read what previous clients said about me and the HypnoBirthing Course


Testimonial Frieda


What will you receive during the HypnoBirthing® Course?

* The complete 12-hour course divided over 2 days from 10am till 5.30 pm with an hour lunchbreak
* Healthy snacks during the day are offered by us
* The original Rainbow Relaxation and Affirmation recordings
* All handouts in English and/or Italian distributed during class are for you to keep
* Discussing the different hospitals in and around MIlan
* Writing your birthplan
* Support through the International HypnoBirthing Support Group on Facebook, by phone and message till the birth of your baby

The courses are given during the weekends so that your partners can fully participate and know how to support you during labor



When to start with HypnoBirthing

Usually, couples start when they are between 28 and 31 weeks pregnant. In case you are earlier in your pregnancy, start by reading the book to get into the right headspace and preparation for the course.

HypnoBirthing Milan


Course Dates

23rd of February 2019 One day Intensive
23 & 24 March 2019
13 & 14 April 2019
11 & 12 May 2019
Contact me if non of these dates work for you and we’ll work something out


Registration and Course Price

A Weekend Group Course costs € 375 per couple

Click here and scroll down to the course section and select the best fitting date in the drop-down box.

After I received your email, you will receive a Class Registration Form. A filled in Class Registration Form + a down payment of € 75 euro secures your place in the course.
Another possibility is to pay the course fee in full via bank transfer or PayPal (max 5 days) before the course starts.



This course is given in my studio a bit outside of Milan.

With Love, 



HypnoBirthing with Margaretha



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Download my Free Birth Affirmations

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