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Pregnancy is one of the biggest transformations during a woman’s life. From womanhood slowly moving
towards motherhood. A sacret and connecting journey during the 9 months of pregnancy of amazing beauty,
huge sacrifices and infinite love. Pregnancy is a journey that invites us woman to connect to our inner self, to the universe, our instincts, our ancient wisdom and above all, to LOVE.


High oxytocin levels create bonding and love between mum and baby.


In our modern world pregnancy and birth are often seen as medical events instead of a spiritual and
connecting one. Medical procedures, when needed, are absolutely amazing and lifesaving. But when birth is
physiological, there is no need for immediate bathing, measuring, etc. Everything and everyone can wait until oxytocin levels are sky-high by connecting this new family together. The magic of the first golden hour after birth, fundamental for breastfeeding, bonding and the natural release of the placenta. Dad joins in and a new family is

Imagen what will change in our world and healthcare systems today, when babies are welcomed with love, in this beautiful sacred space of support, respect and connection.



HypnoBirthing is quite simply a way of helping women prepare for a positive birth — and a positive birth will always mean something different to everyone. The main part of HypnoBirthing is essentially learning how to relax so that our bodies can do what they are designed to do, giving birth. 

The basis of HypnoBirthing is that fear during birth can cause all sorts of problems, so the classes address these fears with knowledge and tools to overcome these fears.

We know that we often fear the unknown, and childbirth is one of those topics that remains quite mysterious. This is partly because many women feel unable to talk about their positive birth experiences. So what goes on during birth is kept under wraps. Add to that, the knowledge we do have (i.e., from films and TV) is often scenes of women screaming in pain and fear, surrounded by people in gowns and masks. No wonder fear of childbirth is rife.

That’s where the HypnoBirthing Childbirth Courses come in.



Women are opening up spiritually when they become pregnant and the care should be aligned with this opening. Instead the care provided is mostly on a physical level, missing out 75% of the care needed.
And that’s where the support of Doula comes in. She guides where needed, is present during this amazing journey of transformation, side by side, every step of the way. And she creates that village of support with and for you for as long as you need.

More and more women today are choosing midwife lead care and personally I can only applaud that. Coming from The Netherlands, a country where many women still give birth at home, the midwife is their first care provider. Women are seen several times during their pregnancy and the physical wellbeing of mum and baby are being taken care off.

The difference between a midwife and a Doula is that a Doula is not a medical professional. She doesn’t take care of the medical part of your pregnancy but she will take care of your spiritual, emotional and overall wellbeing, as well as that of your little one and your partner.

You can see a Doula as a small village, but she will feel as the whole village combined. Watch the video below to hear experiences of people that have worked with a Doula by their side.


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