HypnoBirthing Affirmations Technique

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Hypnobirthing, News

The power of Affirmations and how to use them during pregnancy and birth


During the HypnoBirthing course you are handed loads of affirmations. Affirmations help you to stay focused and positive. They help you to reprogram your images, thoughts, emotions and subconscious and conscious beliefs towards pregnancy and birth.


 Believe you can and you will


The more you focus on what you really want for your birth, the likelihood of that happening is much bigger than not focussing. It’s like manifesting. Believing that you can, will and achieve a beautiful birth changes your mindset, feelings and emotions in a heartbeat. The more positive feelings and images you have, the better in order to have your conscious and your subconscious working together in harmony. At the same time, we are conditioned in a certain way and media isn’t helping at all. Most women still think that birth is and should be painful, screaming, full of drama, racing to the hospital, lying on their backs and push for hours because this is what the media is showing you.


Affirmations keep you positive and energised


So one of the first things I do during my classes is dealing with all of these limiting beliefs. Ones the subconscious is free of limiting beliefs, emotions and images, we re-fill and empower that with powerful ones through the affirmations given during the course. The results of these technique are mind-blowing. Basically you begin to truly believe and accept what the affirmations say. Affirmations during pregnancy and birth keep you positive, energised and motivated on a beautiful birth. They simply change the way you think and behave because you think and behave more positively. Something I like to do is ask my clients to pick at least 5 affirmations and do something creative with them. Singing, painting, drawing, whatever resonates the most. I have seen the most beautiful designs and mindsets from expecting moms…….  


I’ve created some beautiful affirmations that help you stay focussed 





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