HypnoBirthing Breathing Techniques

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HypnoBirthing Breathing Techniques the benefits


 Just Breathe


Sounds simple right ? We take breaths every day, the whole day. Superficial ones though….

Ones you start becoming aware of the way you are breathing, you can change it. Oxygen is gold for your body to fulfil her job maintaining everything, including the growth of a new human being. So breathe and breathe deeply, correctly, through your belly. Having enough oxygen in your body reduces foetal distress, avoids interventions and helps you to stay focused during labour.

For example, when you are scared or frightened you start to breathe in a different, superficial way. Reducing the amount of oxygen inside your body and the amount of oxygen you have available for your baby. Since we want to do what’s best for us and our baby during pregnancy, we need to breathe correctly. Because breathing  correctly (like actually everyone should breathe), helps your muscles relax, your body, your baby and your mind. Quite some benefits from just breathing….. During the course I teach you these three breathing techniques that help you relax and, together with the other techniques used in HypnoBirthing, achieve the birth you want.


During the course you will learn 3 breathing techniques


  • The first, called calm breath is a very simple breath that maintains a sufficient, continual supply of oxygen to your baby during labour. This oxygen is the most important fuel for the working muscles of your uterus. Its a wonderful breath to use in between surges (contractions) to resume relaxation and conserve energy.
  • The second breath, called surge breathing is used during surges. It’s a very slow breath and is accompanied by a wonderful visualisation. This breath ensures every surge is extremely efficient, assisting the labour process, rather than resisting it. HypnoBirthing mothers find that because of this breath, this stage of labour is often shorter than normal. And you help your body during labour.
  • The third breath, called birth breathing works with your body to gently move the baby down to crowning and birth without the need of pushing. I will explain why the common technique of pushing is even counterproductive, stresses mom and baby and increases risks for fetal distress due to the lack of oxygen.



 Just Breathe & Relax
Your body knows exactly what to do



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