HypnoBirthing Self-Hypnosis Technique

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HypnoBirthing Self-Hypnosis Technique


The part you’ve all been waiting for and one of the most effective techniques ever!
Maintaining focus, calm and relaxation. At the same time Self-Hypnosis might sound kinda Hippy or even scary. We have all seen programs on tv where someone hypnotises people on stage and they do just about everything the hypnotiser tells them. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. The participants do what they think is asked of them (conditioning) and therefore it `works`. Because during hypnosis you never ever lose control. It’s you that keeps and has the control at all times.


So when this is one of the best and effective techniques…
what does it do


Being in hypnosis is nothing more than a focused state of mind. That what you focus on gets all your attention and the rest is still there, but in the background. Remember when you drive from A to B, arriving at B and not remembering all the cars you’ve past, traffic lights, etc.? Hypnosis is the same. It’s a focused state of mind. Nothing more, nothing less.


What can this technique do for you during labour


It keeps you focused and relaxed. Helps you tuning inside your body and connecting with your baby during labour. In this way the birthing hormones like endorphines (natural painkiller), oxytocin and relaxin can do their best jobs. Besides this, it gives you the ability to numb parts of your body and deeply relax whenever you want and need. Self-Hypnosis needs practice. It’s not a magic wand. The more you practice the Self-Hypnosis scripts, the better and faster you can bring yourself into that state of mind. It makes you feel confident and positive next to the fact that it clears all anxiety towards giving birth.


This means that labour advances more quickly and mum and baby stay safe and healthy


Learning hypnotic techniques is actually what sets HypnoBirthing apart from other conventional birth preparation courses. The mind- body connection is just starting to be understood by conventional science and medicine.  Hypnosis is a natural and safe way to help the mind create positive changes in the body. Many of our mums are fully aware and surprisingly comfortable during the birth. They feel really empowered by the techniques they’ve learned.



HypnoBirthing is a gift for life


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