HypnoBirthing Visualization Technique

by | Jan 7, 2017 | Hypnobirthing, News



A simple and very powerful technique

A visualization sounds a bit hippy, doesn’t it. And yet it’s a tool used by some of the biggest athletes, psychologists, entrepreneurs and successful people in the world are using this technique to focus, to empower themself. So why not using this technique during a birth preparation course. Preparing moms and dads in the best way possible, focussing and concentrating on a good birth outcome. Filling your subconscious with powerful images instead of all the sensational movies where women are screaming and completely helpless during labour and birth. There is not much in live I forbid anyone (besides the usual of course) but I forbid my clients to watch anything else than positive birth stories, movies, etc. the minute they step into my course.

For example; a visual visualization can be watching a beautiful image that makes you feel good or makes you smile. The minute you take your attention away from the image, that feeling might disappear, or it stays with you. Depending on how practised you are. Practice is key. We can’t run a marathon without practice. The same with HypnoBirthing and all the beautiful and powerful techniques. You need to practice actively to imprint your subconscious.

Let do a little test. Sit somewhere in your home where you feel most comfortable, choose your favorite piece of music, breathe deeply for a few seconds and focus on the image on this page. Focus on the colours, shapes and feel how it this images makes you feel. Let me know what you have discovered. Perhaps you’ve liked it, perhaps you need more practice…. there’s no right or wrong way because it’s your way.

A spoken visualization is when you sit comfortably, breathe deeply for a few seconds and start listening to a spoken or guided meditation for example that is focused on images to create in your own mind.



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