Masterclass for a Calm and Empowered Birth 28 February 2021

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Masterclass for a Calm and Empowered Birth 28th of February 2021



Are you too close to your due date and no course to be found?

This amazing jampacked Masterclass teaches you all the tips and tricks to prepare for your upcoming birth if you are approaching your duedate and the next course is too far out.



With this Masterclass, you have the opportunity to benefit from all the carefully selected information to prepare yourself for an empowering birth experience. And at the same time taking advantage of all the evidence-based knowledge a HypnoBirthing Doula shares. Last but not least > training your partner as the best birth companion.



This is how you prepare for the birth you are seeking and longing for



I agree with you when you say ‘you can’t plan birth’ but I strongly believe that it is possible to prepare yourself in the best way. By knowing your options, birthrights, the possibilities you have during labor and birth and how to go about when your birth takes a different path is such valuable information that I believe every woman and couple should have.


Empowered Birth

Empowered Birth


So what are we covering in this masterclass


  • Your cervix explained – groundbreaking new knowledge! I’ve discovered after 6 years of teaching and I want to share this with you;
  • Explanation why it’s so important to relax, the benefits during labor plus how you can use relaxation in your favor and as a superpower;
  • Why contractions hurt and how to handle them;
  • 3 amazing breathing techniques that will accompany you during the rest of your pregnancy and the entire labor and birth experience;
  • Explanation of why actively or outside directed pushing is counterproductive and how this ancient way of medicine is actually putting you at higher risk for interventions, tearing and/or episotomy.
  • Teaching you how to accompany your baby earthside while following your body and your baby;
  • Best labor and birth positions to facilitate birth;
  • Profound relaxation scripts that help you relax deeply and prepares your body and mind for an easy labor and birth;



  • Beautifully designed positive birth affirmations;
  • Empowering birth quotes to help you stay on track with positive thinking and positive subconscious programming;



Saturday the 28th of February from 10.30 am till about 13.30 CET . 

Why on Saturday? So that your partners can join as well. Having the same information as a couple gives you the extra support and knowledge you need. 


For who is this masterclass

For every pregnant woman and couple that seeks to relax more during the rest of her pregnancy and is looking for ways to prepare for birth in the most empowered way.
I’m offering this masterclass for € 33,33 because I want more women to know that birth can be powerful, raw and beautiful, but most of all such an empowering experience that will change the women that you are today. This masterclass will shake you in your core, reshift the beautiful woman that you are, and come out as a badass woman and mother that raises the next generation. I’ve had a very empowering birth experience that has fired me up. That has made me understand how powerful we are when we have the right tools to deal with anything that presents itself. In life or during labor and birth. 


Sign up


You can sign up till Friday the 26th at 9 pm CET by filling in the contact form here below. After receiving your registration you receive a link to the masterclass.




Much Love and I’d love to see you on Sunday the 28th of February 2021.





Professional Doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Holistic Coach



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