Masterclass Relaxation for Birth and Postpartum

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Masterclass Relaxation for Birth & Postpartum


Often I hear women say, I wish I would have known then what I know now. Mostly when this comes to the table, we speak about their previous, often traumatic, birth experiences. They tell me that they were just too overwhelmed and scared to research it all, besides not knowing where to go for the information they were seeking. A strong desire to do things differently this time makes that they seek more information that ever before and talk to different people in the birth field.

So what if you could have the opportunity to benefit from all the information that many women didn’t have access to, right now. What if you have the possibility to prepare yourself for birth in an empowering way. And at the same time taking advantage of all the evidence based knowledge a HypnoBirthing Doula shares?

I agree with ‘you can’t plan birth’ but the part that I disagree with is that it is possible to prepare yourself in the best way possible. Knowing your options, your rights, the possibilities you have during labor and birth and how to go about when your birth takes a different path. This is how you prepare for the birth you are seeking and longing for. 

But it’s also for mothers that have given birth and looking for some extra relaxation and copingtools during postpartum. 


So what’s inside this masterclass

  • Explanation why it’s so important to relax and the science behind it wheather you are pregnant or already have your baby in your arms.
  • Explanation of why contractions hurt when you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to manage them;
  • 3 different breathing techniques that will accompany you during pregnancy, the entire birth experience and during postpartum;
  • Explanation of why pushing your baby out is counterproductive;
  • Profound relaxation Hypnosis script that helps you relax and prepares your body for labor and birth and an ease during postpartum;
  • 19 beautifully designed positive birth affirmations;



Friday the 24th of April at 10.30 am in English CET Paris Time.
Friday the 24th of April at 1 pm in Italian CET Partis Time.


For who is this masterclass

For every pregnant woman that seeks to relax more and mums that have already given birth to ease into postpartum with several tools that help you in difficult moments.

Sign up

There are only 25 spots in each masterclass, so reserve your spot before this Masterclass is full.
You can sign up till Thursday the 23rd of April at 10pm CET at the latest by filling in the contact form here below.


Much Love and see you on Friday,


Professional Doula and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator




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