HypnoBirthing Childbirth Courses


Are designed to teach you exactly how the body works during labor and birth. Aiming to confront the birth of your baby in the most beautiful way and aiming to deminish the fear of the unknown. Birth doesn’t have to be the scary ordeal we are lead to believe. It is actually quite the opposite; an amazing, transformational experience that will guide you towards connecting with your inner most wisdom, your power, your core & yourself. 
This childbirth course is not just another birthcourse, this course is so powerful and transformational that even years later you will benefit from. 

A few of the content taught:
 3 different breathing techniques
 an amazing massage technique
listening to several self hypnosis scripts
positive birth visualisations
positive birth affirmations
couples exercises to strengthen the bond and support between the two of you
and so much more



Courses 2020


The Group course of 27 & 28 June 2020 will be given online to be able to accommodate couples all over the world.

Usually courses are held privately or in a group with other expectant couples in my studio. Please select your preference for a date and setup in the drop down menu here below (group or private).

I see the strength of the program each time couples finish the course or when I’m supporting a HypnoBirthing couple during labor and birth. Seeing them using the techniques that they have learned during the course is the universe opening up and the transformation of a couple into parents.

I’m in A.W.E. every.single.time.


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English speaking Doula in and around Milan




A doula is a non-medical health professional trained to support (future) parents through the physical and emotional experience of having a baby.


A doula supports a growing family wherever she can. Practicalities as helping you find your best birth facility, writing a birth plan, help you find a midwife that resonates with you, accompanying you during medical visits or preparing your home for the arrival of your baby. She listens to you and your partner about any concerns or doubt you might have regarding parenthood, the birth itself or the changes in the relationship.

During labor she encourages you throughout. She is your supports person that stays with you the whole time. From the early signs of labor until your baby and placenta are born. She never leaves your side. It’s the person that you can talk openly and freely with. She will never take the role of a midwife or gynaecologist because she is not qualified for that. But she will be there in case your birth wishes or birth plan needs to be reinforced or changed.

Just as important is the postpartum care and perhaps that’s where women need it the most. Women in our society take care of themselves and their baby immediately after birth with little to no support. While back in the old days and in many Arabic countries women are cared for for at least 41 days by the family, neighbours, grandmothers, aunts, etc. Postpartum is full of insecurities, changes, tiredness and vulnerability and in this phase no woman should be figuring out motherhood by herself.

Especially when living abroad as an expat in Milan, Italy, where systems are different than the ones at home, where the language sounds like abracadabra and where the English language is being spoken too little for my taste, I can help you with all of the above.

I strongly believe that if every women would be supported during this important phase, postpartum depression would be a non issue in our ‘modern’ society.


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Breastfeeding support


Just as birthing has been portrayed in our culture as difficult and painful, so too has breastfeeding.
The fact is that the vast majority of mothers and babies can breastfeed with few to no difficulties. Mother’s bodies and babies know what to do. As with birthing, positive expectations, good support from family, friends and care providers, and trust in the process are necessary.
Interventions in the natural process such as bathing and measuring the baby immediately after birth, are unnecessary and babies who are allowed the golden hour and self-attach rarely have problems.


The physiological part behind breastfeeding is when a baby begins to nurse, it triggers a release of your natural oxytocin. This causes the tiny muscles around the milk glands to contract, releasing the milk into the ducts, where it flows to the nipple. Most mothers feel a tingly sensation in the nipples when the milk ejection reflex or “let-down” occurs, and milk begins to flow from both nipples. Without the let-down, baby will get very little milk.




Just as in labor, oxytocin flows best when a mother is relaxed.
HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques are very helpful during the months and years of breastfeeding


Personally I have breastfed 2 and a half years and most of the time I loved it. Being able to nurse my baby and see her grow on my milk was an amazing feeling. In awe with my body that was able to grow, birth and feed my baby. I believe I’ve never felt more powerful. But I also realize that breastfeeding is not for everyone.


Breastfeeding is not for everyone


Every mother is free to choose and decide how long and how and if she likes to breastfeed. The choice to not breastfeed is being judged enormously! Supporting someone that chooses to do the opposite of what you think is ‘correct’ can be challenging because of your own beliefs that are true for you. It does not mean that those beliefs are true for everyone. If a mother is feeling stressed and judged for not breastfeeding, her overall emotional state goes down, making postpartum even tougher than it already is. Is that what we really want? Reach out if you need resources for the best way how to handle not to breastfeed, the best thing after donor milk, and so on. You are not alone.


The freedom to choose


Disposable diapers   vs   washable ones
Carrying your baby   vs   going around with a buggy
Bottle feeding your baby   vs   breastfeeding your baby
Vaccinating your baby   vs   not vaccinating
Using the regular products for your baby   vs   using all natural 


The judgements towards all the above creates distance, separation and low self esteem. Instead we as women have one huge commune binder and that is that we love our children. We would give the world for them and we would move mountains if that were needed. But how we raise our children is no one else’s business than your own. It takes courage to walk off the mainstream but believe me when I say that exactly this is what connects you to YOUR instincts.


The strength of a doula is that she supports you in your journey. And there’s a doula for every woman.
Find the right person for you and your postpartum will be YOURS. 



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