Testimonial Guia

by | Mar 19, 2020

Testimonial Guia

I found Margaretha at a point in my pregnancy where I was overwhelmed by hormones, insecurities about pregnancy and motherhood, and a paralyzing fear of giving birth.
Not only did she manage to comfort me in a way no one had managed to do throughout the pregnancy, but she also managed to translate what  was feeling into a language my partner could understand perfectly.

I walked into Margaretha’s home thinking I had been dealt a psychologically challenging pregnancy, and walked out feeling so grateful to be feeling every single emotion that before felt completely overwhelming.

Thanks to Margaretha all our fears of childbirth have evaporated, and we are so excited to try a natural home birth.

She has been such a blessing, and I could not recommend her enough.
Whether you are terrified of childbirth, or it’s the pregnancy blues or any kind of anything, Margaretha will get you though it in the most magical way.

Much Love,


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