Testimonial Jiska

by | Mar 19, 2020

Testimonial Jiska

Margaretha, supported me with a private hypnobirthing course before the birth of my 2nd child. Where with the first one I had difficulties to handle the pain with the second one I was really capable of breathing my little one down…
I was fully present in my body which is not something you learn from a ‘normal’ midwife I believe and which is, I believe, strange since it is the most important thing to learn before you give birth. I regret that I didn’t do this course as a preparation for my first one.
My girl was at the end born in the elevator of our house and I again believe that that happened in such a relaxed and pleasant way because of the techniques and relaxation I learned from Margaretha.

Margaretha is very empowering and emphatic. She leads you the way to own your female power!

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