What we can learn while in quarantine

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An invitation to let go.
Every adventure begins with the ending of another


Our world is taken by its foundations and shaken into quarantine. Shops are closed, schools closed and most of the country is home from work and smart working when possible. We are now 4 weeks into the #coronavirus situation. A situation that has completely caught us off guard. In the beginning, we blew it off as ‘just the flu’, stop with this nonsense, but we are more and more understanding the need to stay home. Avoiding the infection to spread. Mostly for the elderly and the hospitals that can’t handle the number of people that need help.

In a phase of fear, uncertainty and chaos I thought to propose something to help us calm the mind and appreciate what we do have instead of what we don’t have right now. And perhaps we have more than we think we do. Give it a go and see if you like it.

Create some space during the evening, before or after dinner, as you prefer and do these 3 things. If you want, include your family and friends. Otherwise, just do this one for yourself;

  • Write on a piece of paper all things you’d like to get rid of or see changed; emotions, feelings, relations, situations, experiences, could be anything you would like to remove from your life.
    When you’ve written down all the things that come to mind, burn the piece of paper or tear it apart consciously.
  • Now write down all the good, positive, nice things that have happened in your life. Write these down on a beautiful piece of paper with your favorite pen.
    Ones you feel you have written them all down, keep this paper somewhere you see it, can read it for yourself or for others to see (depending on what you prefer).
  • Last but not least write 3 things down you’d like to achieve after this period has passed and place this next to your bed, on the fridge, wherever you see your wishes every time you pass this page or point in your home.

Next month you re-read your dreams and wishes so you can see what you have been able to achieve or which in this period.


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