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Online Breastfeeding Consultation (Allattamento)

Direct support when you can’t find anyone nearby and struggling to nourish your baby


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Online Breastfeeding Consultation (Aiuto Allattamento al Seno)

When you are a new mother and everything is new, the last thing you need is struggling with breastfeeding. 

What I’ve learned while supporting many women during their struggles is that adequate and quick support can make the difference between a woman that continues breastfeeding or a woman stopping because she doesn’t have the right recourses to help and support her.
After breastfeeding my own daughter for more than 2.5 years and adding the specific training to officially support mothers with breastfeeding, I’m here for you. 

How does this consultation work?

We will schedule a consultation as soon as possible and a dedicate a full hour on how breastfeeding is going at the moment, what your difficulties are (they can be emotionally, physically and mentally) and what your desire is. Then based on your answers we will address the issue and work towards an enjoyable breastfeeding journey.

Other women seem to have no struggles while breastfeeding

  • Simply not true;
  • Many women have issues in the beginning phase of breastfeeding but they don’t always talk about it;
  • I should know how to do this, why is it so hard? Because it takes time to become a team on the outside and sometimes the team needs a little support in the right direction;

For who are these consultations?

These consultations are for women that:
– struggle with breastfeeding;
– looking for a solution between formula and breastmilk;
– support with going back to work;
– gentle weaning; 

Much Love

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