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Creating a strong and healthy world through conscious pregnancy and birth

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About Me

Hi, my name is Margaretha and my mission is to guide and accompany you during your pregnancy abroad.

When I moved from The Netherlands to Italy in 2013, I left all that I knew behind to follow my heart and be with the love of my life. Over the moon, we were when we, 2 months later, discovered that we were expecting our bundle of joy, now a bubbly 7-year-old. But never ever would I have imagined how lonely pregnancy and postpartum can be without having my tribe around me. My friends, my family, my hometown to go around in.

I really believe that we are able and capable to change the world…. one gentle birth at a time. When we welcome our children into the world, the same way as they were made, with LOVE.

I lived in a small town, didn’t speak the Italian language as I do now, so loneliness was a thing. There have been many, many times I just wanted to pack up and go back to The Netherlands where I knew everything and everyone.

Most important I would have known where to go for my pregnancy check-ups and they would have been in my own language. Now I needed my husband to accompany me and it was mostly the doctors speaking to him instead of speaking to me……

Struggling through pregnancy and postpartum in a country that was not my own, was rough.

Knowing so well how it is for a woman to go through pregnancy and becoming a parent in a new country, I decided that I was going to give to others what I didn’t have when I needed it most. And I believe that is my strongest drive, besides offering guidance, support and loads of information about pregnancy and giving birth here in Italy.

I'd love to meet you.


Much love,

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Carrying a baby is one of the biggest transformations during a woman’s life. An unknown and sacred journey from womanhood into motherhood. But how are you supposed to follow this deep ancient ‘knowing’ in the world in which we want it all? A busy career, preparing for the birth of your baby, following a birth preparation course (perhaps even in between meetings and other life-challenging events) on top of everything else that comes with enlarging your family.

If this has crossed your mind at least a few times,
you've come to the right place

What is a Doula?

What is Doula?

A doula is a non-medical health professional trained to support parents through the physical and emotional experience of having a baby.
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HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing is a method that uses 5 different techniques to keep pain to a minimum during childbirth and offer a more peaceful and empowered birthing experience.
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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support

The vast majority of mothers and babies can breastfeed with few to no difficulties. As with birthing, positive expectations, a good level of support and care are necessary.
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