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Who is Margaretha?

A Dutch Doula in Italy accompanying
couples towards a conscious
pregnancy and birth
away from home

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About Me

Hi, my name is Margaretha and my mission is to guide you during your pregnancy abroad so that you feel supported and guided towards this life-changing event as if you were back home. 

I wish I had someone like myself walking by my side when I was going through pregnancy and birth in a country I barely knew and didn’t speak the language yet as I do now. 

When I moved from The Netherlands to Italy in 2013, I left all that I knew behind to follow my heart and be with the love of my life. Over the moon, we were when we, 2 months later, discovered that we were expecting our bundle of joy, now a bubbly 8-year-old. But never ever would I have imagined how lonely pregnancy and postpartum can be abroad without having my friends and family around me. And a husband that worked long hours.

I lived in a small town, didn’t speak the Italian language as I do now, so loneliness was a thing. There have been many, many times I just wanted to pack up and go back to The Netherlands where I knew everything and everyone.

Most important I would have known where to go for my pregnancy check-ups and they would have been in my own language. Now I needed my husband to accompany me and it was mostly the doctors speaking to him instead of speaking to me……

Struggling through pregnancy and postpartum in a country that was not my own, was rough. Knowing so well how it is for a woman to go through pregnancy and become a parent in a new country, I decided that I wanted to transform my pain into power and give couples what I didn’t have when I needed it most. I truly believe that this is my strongest drive or calling if you will, besides offering guidance, support and loads of information about pregnancy and giving birth here in Italy.

Additionally, I provide kraamzorg in Italy. It’s a week of full support to the new family where I help you during the first week after birth in the comfort of your home. I will be preparing meals, taking care of you and your little one, some light housework, and doing laundry. All this so that you can focus on recovering from birth, rest and sleep as much as you can together with your little one. In the Netherlands this care is standardly offered to all new mothers and paid by our health insurance.

Someone that knows what you are going through and support you in navigating the Italian healthcare system as well as explaining you your options


Much love,

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Carrying a baby is one of the biggest transformations during a woman’s life. An unknown and sacred journey from womanhood into motherhood. But how are you supposed to follow this deep ancient ‘knowing’ in the world in which we want it all? A busy career, preparing for the birth of your baby, following a birth preparation course (perhaps even in between meetings and other life-challenging events) on top of everything else that comes with enlarging your family.

If this has crossed your mind at least a few times,
you've come to the right place

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