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A Dutch Doula in Italy accompanying
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About Me

Hi, my name is Margaretha, HypnoBirthing teacher since 2014 and doula since 2015 in the north of Italy.

During my own pregnancy in Italy I understood that many things were going differently than in my own country (the Netherlands) and I started to feel lost in the system that required so many tests and exams as if I was sick.

That’s when I started to compare the Dutch and Italian system with each other and my world opened up. And since then I’ve made some bold decisions during my pregnancy.

I fired my gynaecologist (that would only make me feel stressed and nervous) and switched to midwifery care where I was seen, heard and where a visit would take at least 1 hour instead of the overpaid 15 min you get (when you’re lucky) at the gynaecologist.

Having gone through such an experience as pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother in a foreign country has enriched me with knowledge and know how beyond your standard care. On top of my 10 years of work experience in one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands before moving to Italy. Knowing the system from the inside out gives me the possibility to move with or sway from standard protocols that might not apply to you. Supporting you to navigate the system in a way that feels good for you and knowing this will have a huge shift in your pregnancy journey, as it did in mine. 

My mission is to guide you during your pregnancy abroad so that you feel supported and guided towards this life-changing event as if you were back home. 

Looking back, I wish I had someone like myself walking by my side when I was going through pregnancy and birth in a country I barely knew and didn’t speak the language as I do now. 

What surprised me a lot and caught me off guard was

I never imagined how lonely pregnancy and postpartum can be abroad without having my friends and family around me. And a husband that worked long hours.

There have been many, many times I just wanted to pack up and go back to The Netherlands where I knew everything and everyone.

Knowing so well how it is for a woman to go through pregnancy and become a parent in a new country, I decided that I wanted to transform my pain into power and give couples what I didn’t have when I needed it most. I truly believe that this is my strongest drive or calling if you will, besides offering guidance, support and loads of information about pregnancy and giving birth here in Italy.

Someone that knows what you are going through and support you in navigating the Italian healthcare system as well as explaining you your options.


Much love,

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Carrying a baby is one of the biggest transformations during a woman’s life. An unknown and sacred journey from womanhood into motherhood. But how are you supposed to follow this deep ancient ‘knowing’ in the world in which we want it all? A busy career, preparing for the birth of your baby, following a birth preparation course (perhaps even in between meetings and other life-challenging events) on top of everything else that comes with enlarging your family.

If this has crossed your mind at least a few times,
you've come to the right place

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