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What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical health professional trained to support parents through the physical and emotional experience of having a baby.
You could compare a doula with Mary Poppins, she will accompany you during pregnancy and comes with her magical bag of resources. A doula never judges you or your choices and will always provide the information you are searching for to be able to make an informed decision that is right for you and your baby. She is known to provide continuous care and attention that every woman and couple needs in this fast society we live in. During labor she holds your hand, massages your back and encourages you throughout. It’s your supports person that stays with you the whole time. From the early signs of labor until your baby is born. She never leaves your side and she doesn’t change her shift half way through labor. It’s the person that you can talk openly and freely with about your fears, joys, wishes for the birth, etc. She will never take the role of a midwife or gynaecologist because she is not qualified for that. But she will be there in case your birth wishes or birth plan needs to be reinforced towards hospital personnel for example. During your postpartum she counts for the old village nurturing you with warm foods, vaginal steaming, belly binding and teaching you the ropes of how to take care of a new-born, until you feel comfortable to continue on your own.
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What can I help you with

Carrying a baby is one of the biggest transformations during a woman’s life. An unknown and sacred journey from womanhood into motherhood. But how are you supposed to follow this deep ancient ‘knowing’ in the world in which we want it all? A busy career, preparing for the birth of your baby, following a birth preparation course (perhaps even in between meetings and other life-challenging events) on top of everything else that comes with enlarging your family.

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HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing is a method that uses 5 different techniques to keep pain to a minimum during childbirth and offer a more peaceful and empowered birthing experience.
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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Support

The vast majority of mothers and babies can breastfeed with few to no difficulties. As with birthing, positive expectations, a good level of support and care are necessary.
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Who is Margaretha?

Who is Margaretha?

I really believe that we are able and capable to change the world…. one gentle birth at a time. When we welcome our children into the world, the same way as they were made, with LOVE.
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