What your Doula wants you to know about pregnancy and birth

What your doula wants you to know about pregnancy and birth .

Pregnancy is a huge rite of passage and transformational journey. It invites you to slow down your pace. To breathe deeply and to connect. 

Annoying? Yes! Because we have difficulty adapting to this new called thing pregnancy. Besides the mindfuck of ‘I’m not being prductive’ when I don’t do anything. 

Anything? Seriously? Your body is creating a MASTERPIECE and you tell yourself that you are not doing anything? We have to talk…… 

During the first trimester your body is tired and thus heavy fatigue that helps you to rest and slow down. So that she can create a baby out of 2 cells coming together. The more you ‘listen’ to your body, the kinder she is for you as in less pain and discomforts. You and your body are a team and for a team to work well together, both have to adapt. 

Shifting into this new realm can be done with baby steps. A good place to start is with taking a 5 minute break in between activities. This will not only help you to slow down your pace but also create that level of relaxation your body needs to create. 

It can feel awkward to do this because we are used to ‘just keep going’. You will notice that starting this selfcare early in pregnancy will teach you to listen to your body’s needs. 

During the second trimester your baby’s basics are formed and expanding day by day. And you feel you have more energy. Sounds logic isn’t it?  

During the third trimester things get real and women start to prepare for the birth of their baby, organizing the nursery, taking up a birth preparation class and buying the products needed for the first period after the baby’s born. It’s best not to buy too much in the beginning but just the basics regarding clothing. Especially during the first 40 days that are a phase of leaning in, quiet days, soft lights, warm foods, rest and recovery.

There is a lot to learn during pregancy and doing so with hormonal changes and insufficient sleep makes it feel even harder.  Having an experts support makes pregnancy, birth and post-partum so much more joyful.

In case you are looking for a pregnancy consultation or a HypnoBirthing class, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to snoop through the website and come back regularly for more information to deeply dive into.

I am Milan based but work worldwide online or by phone.  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to me here.

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