Giving Birth During The Pandemic

Did you give Birth during the Pandemic

Giving birth during the Pandemic 

If you are someone that gave birth during the Pandemic, I’d love to get in touch with you! I’m conducting research for women just like you and I’d appreciate 4 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire for me. 

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Giving Birth During The Pandemic 1 | Hypnobirthing Italia
Partorire durante la Pandemia

Se hai partorito durante la pandemia, mi piacerebbe mettermi in contatto con te! Sto conducendo ricerche per donne proprio come te e apprezzerei 4 minuti del tuo tempo per compilare questo questionario per me.

Click here to participate in Italian
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I really believe that we are able and capable to change the world…. one gentle birth at a time. When we welcome our children into the world, the same way as they were made, with LOVE.

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