Why Every Woman Should Hire a Doula

The advantages of having a doula present during the birth of your baby

What your doula wants you to know about the benefits of hiring a doula to assist you in the transformational journey of becoming a mother?

You can hire a doula from the moment you know that you are pregnant or later in your pregnancy, depending on your needs. She helps to make you think about what type of birth you would like and making the right decisions that are aligned. 

When you approach your guessdate, your doula is on call for you 24/7. You can call her for any questions or doubts you might have and like to discuss. Your doula stays with you, the whole time, from the first signs of labour until your baby is born. They are one constant caregiver who doesn’t leave your side, unlike the nurses in a hospital.

She doesn’t change shift, swapping out with colleagues. At the most she rests a little when your partner is there for support. She is there for you and your family during one of the most intense moments of your life. 

Apart from the fact that a Doula never judges your choices, she’s there to help, inform and empower you, your choices and your birth. She will help you labouring at home, help you with the transfer to the hospital, and stay by your side until your baby is born… AT ALL TIMES.

She is someone to tell you that everything will be fine, that you’re not a bad mom if you’d like 2 minutes for yourself or when you need a proper break.

After the birth she helps you with breastfeeding, and helps you and your partner with adjusting into your new roles as parents. 

Importantly, she will be looking after your baby when you need that long hot shower, without having to think or listen out for a crying baby. She is skilled at helping you to notice the different cries, in order to understand what your baby is communicating. She is an experienced hand at showing you how to hold, wash and dress your new baby. 

It’s the kind of support that I wish every mother could have, because it makes the first few months so much easier. Just knowing that there’s someone that understands what you are going through and stands by your side, makes all the difference in the world.

There is a lot to learn in early motherhood.  And doing so with hormonal changes and insufficient sleep makes it feel even harder.  Having expert support makes the birth and post-partum period so much more joyful.

I am Milan based but work worldwide online or by phone.  If you would like to learn more, please reach out to me here.


Much Love,

Why Every Woman Should Hire a Doula 1 | Hypnobirthing Italia
Why Every Woman Should Hire A Doula 3 | Hypnobirthing Italia

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