You must have heard the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ – but this famous phrase is leaving an important person out.

In my opinion, it takes a village to raise a mother too. Back in the days when our men were out hunting and women took care of the village we saw babies all around us.  And were raised by a principle that mothers and their babies were taken care of, they were seen as a unity without the need for separation. Women of the village were present at each other’s birth and we would see how breastfeeding went. Ancient customs, rituals and traditions that we in our ‘modern’ society have lost.

Most women that are pregnant or have given birth are taking care of themselves and their little one

All the while juggling hormones and this new thing called motherhood. We lost our villages and switched to searching for information online. While we have more access than ever, stress during pregnancy and motherhood has never been so high. I truly believe it’s one of the reasons many mothers are in difficulty and are struggling alone for too long. Because on the other side of this coin is the phrase ‘first try it yourself’ and do not show others that you are vulnerable, We feel weak if we ask for help and we flat out refuse it, even if we, deep deep down know that we need it. I’m talking about ancestral baggage here…..

I’m on a big mission and through these letters, in which I share pieces of my mission,
I’m inviting you to travel with me…..

Imagine, just imagine with me for a second what it’s like to come into a community in which you are supported during the last phase of your pregnancy, during birth and during your postpartum. Receiving the love, nurturing and support that you need, most of the time without asking for it. It is a place designed to bathe you in love and support in one of your biggest transformations; from Womanhood into Motherhood.

It takes a village ro raise a mother too

How does that look like and how do you feel when you are surrounded with other like-minded women and families that have gone through the same transition from where you can learn. Receiving loving care, your meals prepared, sacred ceremonies to conclude your pregnancy, herbs that help you to recover from birth, some soft yoga if you like, and just ‘being’ instead of doing and figuring out everything by yourself.

I strongly believe that a supported mother has the world at her feet, raising the next generation…… strong and conscious as we need them to be.

Much Love and more in my next letter,

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I really believe that we are able and capable to change the world…. one gentle birth at a time. When we welcome our children into the world, the same way as they were made, with LOVE.

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